Software development company

When hiring your potential software development partner

Choosing the right software development company for your project can be tricky. Remember to always double check the outsourcing company that you will work with either for a few months, or for a yearly contract; and more importantly, remember this decision will affect and assure your success or failure.

Most of our clients tell us how they spend a lot of time and money choosing the wrong outsourcing partner and have had bad and costly experiences with them. This quick and simple bulletproof checklist can help you how to figure and verify a business partner with whom you want to work with.

General Questions

  • How do they work

You need to know the big picture of their process/methodology and approach.

  • How would they communicate during a project regarding progress, plans and issues

They should have a process that ensures you the status of the project. And how often will you be updated; ideally it should be on a daily basis.

  • Always ask how they deal with situations when and if they go wrong

Ask them to explain how they handled a project in the past that went wrong. Do they have a process to support this? It is very important to listen how they solved it and what they took out of it.

  • It is always very important to ask, what do they expect from you and what should you expect from them during the process

Make sure what the roles are in the new team. It is good to know from the beginning what is the scope of responsibilities for each party involved.

  • How will they deliver the product that matches your expectations

Verify how they work on figuring out what you really need.

  • What communication tools do they use during the project

Ask and understand what tools they use additional than email to communicate fast within the team.

  • Check if the developers will be assigned to your project work or any other project at the same time

Make sure to discuss this ahead and if possible check if it would be more efficient when a developer or the team is committed to one project only or various.

Technical Questions

  • How do they ensure software quality

Always ask and make sure if they use peer code review or automated tests.

  • Will I own the source code

Always read in full the Service Level Agreement and all regarding clauses with contracts.

  • Ask about the technical documentation. And if they will provide you with the profiles of developers with whom you will work with

They should provide the profiles and most of the time these will be anonymized, with no personal/contact data.

  • How do you work?

Find out more about your process/methodologies, etc.

  • How will they solve complicated situations, when and if they arise

Ask for examples of a tricky part of your project and how would they approach it.

  • Find out about best practices for writing the code

And request if there any documentation regarding this.

Business Questions

  • What makes them unique than other software development companies.

  • How do their rates work:

  • Rates could vary according to the resource seniority level, contract length and number of resources needed.them to explain their value proposition, on what makes them different from the rest.

  • How easy will it be to scale up a team of developers. It is very important to consider if you plan to scale your team to communicate it to the software development company as soon as possible so they include them in their internal process for this matter.

  • Have you done any similar projects. Always ask regarding their experience with your particular Industry/Technology/and Product Features. It is very important to request for testimonials, references, case studies and reviews.

  • What is your experience working with Enterprises

Ask about the size of companies with whom they worked and ask to give you examples of projects and or case studies.

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