Supply Vision

Supply Vision

Proximity helps integrate Supply Vision and FindMyFreight’s tools into an all-in-one solution for transportation professionals

Client Profile

Supply Vision is a cloud-based supply chain software provider. The company’s web-based platform delivers flexible tools to help organizations manage the supply chain by enabling collaboration between shippers and logistics providers. Supply Vision’s suite of products covers the entire supply chain and includes a Transportation Management System (TMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), and Customer Portal. is a web-based shipment tracking portal that helps transportation professionals manage multiple carriers and shipments in one place. Through a simple API, quickly tracks shipments through a customer’s existing freight management system, saving time, and eliminating errors.


Chicago, IL


Transportation Technology

Operation Scope

Throughout North America

The Challenge

Supply Vision and FindMyFreight partnered to deliver an all-in-one solution for tracking shipments on multiple carriers through their existing customer portal.

The client required a cloud solution for logistic enterprises. The project is a technological migration, UI, and process redesign in order to improve user experience and business process. Additionally, with the new design, this app can be used on a mobile device thanks to its responsive features.

The Solution

The team follows a scrum-based Agile software development, that includes constant communication between team members. In this specific project, the business team decides the goal for every new release. Each release includes certain characteristics and functionality, defining the scope and tasks for the sprint.

Development process:

  • Sprint planning

  • Daily stand up meetings to coordinate daily goals, and solve roadblocks

  • Daily Deployment to DEV and QA for constant feed from our QA test and business teams

  • Sprint retrospective

  • Any channel of communication is open to anyone

Agile software development

“I wanted to … let you know how much we enjoy having you on our team! Working with you is great pleasure and we are very happy to have you working on our product with us. You are very diligent in your work and problem solving and it is a great quality. You also communicate and work very well as a part of the team wich is also very important and great attribute to your character”

Amanda Bohl, President of Supply Vision

The Results

At this point, the product is in the final stage of completion for the main migration. Proximity engineers are part of a larger development team working in a highly complex development environment that involves multiple technologies such as: AngularJS, CSS3, HTML5, MVC, SQL Server, DevExpress.