Proximity provides a variety of QA automation services to Staywell and their partners

Client Profile

Staywell is a health empowerment company that helps guide people and organizations on the path to better health for employers and their employees and hospitals and their patients.


Nashville, TN



Operation Scope


The Challenge

Staywell is growing fast and did not have the right people at the right time to complete necessary projects. Proximity’s support involves automated testing for Staywell’s various projects in many different languages, tools, and technologies.

The Solution

Proximity created a specific recruitment process based on the needs of the client to prepare candidates for different stages of this project’s journey.

As the on-boarding process with Staywell began, Proximity took part in the training for different teams with the different technologies involved for Staywell’s clients. Proximity’s focus was to find qualified candidates to make the on-boarding process go smoothly.

QA automation services

The Results

The team began to work on the automation of old test cases and to update those test cases for manual testing. The Agile-oriented team was a perfect match with the different protocols and processes of the projects.

One project is about to implement new pages and updated versions of old ones to make them Staywell pages between different environments, and to create the demo of the automation environment and the base for the rest of the project.

The second project is for the patient/clinic aspect of the business which is one of the biggest projects for Staywell. This project manages information for patients and support for doctors. With this project, Proximity worked with TestRail, JIRA, and VisualStudio as the framework for automatization.

Proximity’s third project with Staywell includes their data gathering app for self-wellness and procedures that also can be connected to other devices to gather all the data possible. The app is in React / React Native and Javascript for testing proposes. Proximity also worked with Postman and Selenium with C#.


C#, JIRA, TestRail, SauceLab, Cross Browser, React, React Native, Postman, Selenium with C#

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