Nearshore Software Development

Nearshore Software Development Hiring

Two vital things to consider are the real costs of a bad hire and why you should always invest in good talent & skills.

A bad hire can cost a lot of money, and that is just money. We are not even counting lost worker productivity, lost time on recruiting, new training curve and the negative impact on clients.

On hiring quickly and then regretting it

Most companies work under pressure trying to fill the position as soon as possible and hire based only on how quickly they need to find a resource. Other companies don’t even test the employees’ skills properly enough as well as their reference checks.

Outsource software development

If you decide to hire and in-house developer it can be a lot more complicated than it seems, due to high costs and longer times involved in the typical recruitment process among other issues that can delay it.

It’s not easy to find good developers. However, we do the best we can to make sure our people stay with us. We offer them very good benefits such as a very competitive salary, flexible working conditions, any tools they need, challenging projects that they like working on, plus more.

Developers can become the most efficient part of your business, and you should focus on choosing them carefully.

When outsourcing, do it in a smart way

Costa Rica has been known as one of the countries with top development talent as well as when it comes to communication skills and knowledge of the English language. With our western culture, and a time zone aligned with the US, we work when you work and we are always available when you need us. That is why our collaboration with clients runs perfectly smooth as we just become an extension of your organization.

Communication is essential when working with near-shore developers

Always make sure there is a clear internal process with the team you’ll be working with and that all the key people involved are in the loop. It is a must to have a standard process on regular calls with the team followed by weekly reviews.

It takes a lot to build the right team

We believe in being more than just a provider or partner — we’re an extension of your company’s team. So whether you need us to integrate with your in-house staff or serve as your entire development team, we have you covered.

Ultimately, we’re conveniently located in San José, Costa Rica, and Lima, Perú, giving you easy access to a pool of highly qualified developers and engineers in multiple technologies and platforms.

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