Influence Health

Influence Health

Proximity provides on-going design expertise and technical advice for Influence Health and their partners.

Client Profile

Influence Health partners with healthcare organizations in 46 U.S. states and multiple provinces in Canada representing over 1,000 hospitals. Their solutions extend an organization’s reach well beyond the physical care setting to influence consumer choices, decisions, and behaviors that affect volume, loyalty, and financial performance in today’s patient-centric, post-reform healthcare environment.


Birmingham, AL



Operation Scope

US and Canada

The Challenge

Influence Health needed support on the content migration, building and design implementation of their client’s current websites to their customized CMS (CrownPeak).

The Solution

Proximity was part of an intensive, two week on-site training in Costa Rica, where they learned about the customized CMS that Influence Health offers to their clients. Also, they trained a resource on the data migration functions and tools.

Once the training was completed, Proximity resources joined the client’s team by providing knowledge and expertise that the Influence Health team required.

The project management and tech lead were provided by the client. One of the Proximity resources completed the data depuration. Once this process was ready, the resource was in charge of the deployment of the data for the customized CMS.

 technical advice for Influence Health

The Results

The Proximity team has participated in different roles on the successful migration of four of Influence Health’s clients’ websites to the customized CMS.

The Proximity resources have provided wide design expertise and technical advice to the Influence Health team. Proximity team is helping with the development of several website templates to support the sales department’s activity. These templates will also facilitate the development of customized sites in the future, by having ready the standard features used by most healthcare websites.


Web Development: CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript (jQuery), Bootstrap, GreenSock, CrownPeak.

Data migration: JavaScript, SQL Server, RESTful, Kapow