Global Environmental Consulting (GEC)

Global Environmental Consulting (GEC)

Proximity Costa Rica delivers a new mobile app and four web-based applications to Global Environmental Consulting (GEC).

Client Profile

GEC is a unique firm that supports state, regional, and federal agencies responsible for the management of safe drinking water information. GEC provides excellent service in software development and consulting to save time and provide a high level of accuracy.


Mesa Arizona,USA


Environmental Consulting

Operation Scope

25 states; 50 million public water customers

The Challenge

In an increasingly mobile world, companies need their solutions and online presence optimized for both desktop and mobile access. Global Environmental Consulting’s clients are no exception. In order to meet this increasing need, Proximity was tasked to make GEC’s software more user friendly for clients out in the field and away from the office.

Additionally, GEC wanted a new software base for their web-based applications to improve performance, and they wanted a fresh new look for their clients.

The Solution

Using Agile methodology, the development process included FIFO (first in, first out) with backlog refinement and weekly sprint planning to tackle the project.

Proximity’s Costa Rica development team used .NET to create the updated web-based applications. By connecting the back end and front end together, an improved software was created for GEC with a fresh new look and feel.

Xamarin was chosen to create the mobile application. This tool was selected because of how easily code can be integrated into the three major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows). That same code was shared across all platforms which kept the UI constant and saved development time. Only minor customization was done for each platform which allowed for the creation of mobile apps that look native across any device without the need to rewrite all the code for each platform.

Mobile app Services

“Thank you all for all your contributions to enable me to know that you have GEC under control while I was away”

Jesse Dahl, CEO

The Results

Using Agile methodology, Proximity developed and delivered four web-based applications with enhanced performance and one mobile app to GEC. Proximity’s use of Xamarin reduced the delivery time and took advantage of the existing business knowledge of Proximity’s team which yielded great results – a native looking app for all platforms.

The process that Proximity followed to develop these applications and the finished product showcased Proximity’s exceptional service. This experience led Global Environmental Consulting to continue to task Proximity Costa Rica with additional projects ongoing as needed. Proximity’s team forged a long term, win-win relationship with GEC by providing an excellent experience, acting like an extension of their organization.