FWIW – I am extremely pleased with the current team I have in place. Matter of fact, one of my Dev Leads had a very nice compliment on Maykol yesterday. Maykol stands out as an exceptional worker. My team holds an extraordinarily high standard, which makes this compliment on Maykol something to be proud of. But, not to minimize the others…everyone does a great job.

Francis and Karlina are another two that seem to always stand out. Karlina regularly works odd hours with my team to knock out critical defects. I sincerely appreciate her efforts. Manfred is always attentive and is a great team lead…someone I can depend on.

Juan and Laura are both very consistent, great communicators and a pleasure to have on the team. If I had my way, I would keep this crew together and working for me for years to come. Thank you for the excellent service. I am your biggest fan.