We chose this past weekend as the first weekend for Victor to do his first production release of Us. It was the most significant release since we launched – a critical release full of important features and many database changes. As you may know, this weekend was also the first major outage (that I can remember) for Amazon AWS, where we host DI. This created a lot of problems.

Luckily for us, we had Victor! I wanted to make sure you know that he worked throughout the weekend to make sure the release was done, and despite the best efforts of Amazon to keep him from completing his goal, he got it done. Late last night our release was completed and as we’ve gone through it last night and today it looks to be in very good shape.

Victor deserves a lot of credit for sticking with the release and getting our new offering out on schedule. We’ve enjoyed working with him and as I told you last week, he now assumes the lead on development for our team. So far it’s been a job well done, and I wanted you to know about his effort over the weekend – he’s a great asset to your company