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Proximity is a Software Development Outsourcing Company based in San Jose, Costa Rica with operations in Peru, Argentina, Honduras, Colombia and Bolivia. Our portfolio comprises a wide variety of tech services, including design, development, integration, maintenance, and improvement of software under the Nearshore modality.

We focus on providing specialized outsourcing technology services to clients in the USA and Canada, looking for long term, win-win relationships where we can become an extension of your organization while satisfying your coding and QA needs.

We Are Agile!

Agile development has been around for a long time. In fact, Proximity adopted the practice in 2009, becoming one of the first outsourcing companies in Costa Rica to use Agile.

Our Service Promise

As a company, we look forward to being a vehicle to serve our international clients through high-level technology services to achieve their business goals. That is why our work philosophy consists of accomplishing excellence while becoming an extension of your company, through understanding your needs and objectives in depth, acting with initiative, flexibility, commitment, and collaboration, and providing an exceptional experience.

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